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Monday, January 18, 2010

A Book Recommendation

But, first, an update on Mom's vest -- it's coming along!  I've really gotten into a groove with it, and right now, I'm on the straight body part of it, so not much thinking involved, whew ;-)  Stay tuned!

The book recommendation:  so, the other day, I had a Border Books coupon, so whenever I score one of their really good ones (meaning, at least 25% off), I head over to the crafts section to see what's new or what I haven't yet picked up (one of these days, I really need to do an inventory so that I won't rebuy the same book!).  I saw a book I've been wanting:  The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet by Margaret Hubert.  It's wonderful.  The pictures are really clear and well taken to show off the stitches and projects in there, plus she's added schematics as well.  And Ms. Hubert really has put some stitch patterns in there that I haven't seen in other books.  It's a great book for beginners too because she's got a lot of the basics laid out and clear, understandable instructions.  And, frankly, no offense to Borders, but even with the coupon, it's cheaper at Amazon!  So, here's the link, enjoy!

Today's Thought:  We had a coupon ('natch!), so we actually placed an order with Omaha Steaks!  I couldn't believe that it actually got here still frozen like a rock in its own cooler with dry ice.  We got a variety pack, and even though the marinade for the salmon was a little too salty, everything was really tasty and seemed quite good quality.  Now, of course, we are getting emails with special offers in them every day practically, but I think I will order from them again, the convenience and quality are worth it.

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