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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Darn It!

Well, it didn't take me too long to blow it, did it?!  I wish I could be more regimented, but I guess my artistic side doesn't believe in schedules ;-)

Not to worry, I'll just pick up here and keep on going, still trying to get up as many posts as possible this month.

Today's post is about the importance of establishing good habits (now, now, those who can't do themselves, teach!)  They say it takes about 3 weeks of sticking to something every day for it to become a habit.  For someone who just blew making blogging into a habit, I already see some of the ways in which I went wrong.  First, I probably should have established a certain time at which to blog everyday.  Then, second, I probably should have set a reminder on my calendar or alarm clock or something that would remind me.  And, third, I probably should have better defined for myself the pros that would outweigh the cons of blogging (yes, it's difficult coming up with topics and putting thoughts to paper, but the upside is that, hopefully, I'm sharing useful, wanted information and making a connection with readers and am memorializing for myself the actions I've taken towards building my craft and business).

So, do as I say and hopefully as I am going to be doing!

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