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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Farmers' Markets, FitTV, and Hair Removal Have Changed My Life!

I have always found blogging to be difficult, probably because I always ask myself "does anyone really care about what I have to say?!" Well, I think I have something really worthwhile to share for a change! And the title really does say it all.

After seeing the movie "Food, Inc.", I really couldn't keep shopping at the grocery store any more. It's frightening how food is mass produced in this country, and the movie just focused on beef and chicken (oh, and high fructose corn syrup, which is a wholly different frightening revelation). Thankfully, here in the District of Columbia, we have many farmers' markets, and one literally across the street from our condo recently opened up on Saturday mornings. We've been getting our fruits and vegetables exclusively from the farmers' markets, and we've been eating more grass-fed meats (including buffalo!) My husband was commenting that, with this one change, he's already lost 10 pounds (he's got a bit more to go, but it's a start :-) I've been enjoying experimenting with different recipes and ways to prepare the produce that is available each week.

So, the healthy eating also has made me focus on getting more exercise. I've been walking a lot lately, and I've even been trying to avoid the elevator or escalator and take the stairs. But, really, that's not enough, and we all know it. And, it turns out that channel surfing can pay off ;-) I came across FitTV, a specialty station created by Dicovery Health. It's got exercise classes, cooking shows, and eco-friendly programming as well. Hard to not give it a try when it's just there, right in front of you (and you get the commercial time to take a break!). I've tried out the kickboxing show, the bhangra workout, and good ole ab crunches!

Ok, so where does hair removal fit in to all of this?! Well, it turns out you can save a lot of time, aggravation, and pain if you don't have to worry about plucking your eyebrows or dealing with the 'stash! You hairy ladies out there know what I am talking about. I came across a kiosk at Tyson's Corner mall for "threading". It's a process by which a very skilled woman (in this case) uses two pieces of thread, by quickly rubbing then together, to remove hair and shape your eyebrows (works for the lip and other facial hair as well). I just had my brows done because I've been having the permanent (hopefully) laser hair removal for the lip area. I've had two of four treatments so far, and there has already been such an improvement. It's just so nice to not have to worry about having facial hair and not to have to spend a lot of time on it! Just psychologically makes me feel better too...

Anyway, I wanted to share how making some small changes have actually made big differences in my physical and mental wellbeing. I will share more as I continue to explore other life-enhancing items that I come across.

Today's Thought: Shepherd's Wool is a worsted weight yarn made in Michigan that is super soft, a pleasure to crochet with, and reasonably priced. If your local store does not have it, check out Debbie McDermott, the owner and operator, and her website at