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Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Already?!

I can't believe it's already Memorial Day! May has been a cold and wet month here in D.C. this year (much like last year actually), so it's hard to accept that spring is practically over, and we're just going to hurdle towards the summer already.

This blog has been sorely neglected, but it's about to experience a resurgence because I'm going to have lots of things to specifically report on very shortly. Helen and I continue to work on the recipe books, and I've just become the Crochet Guru on! Now, I know you're asking "Who's Helen?!", "What recipe books?!", and "There's a!" Patience my friends, all of your questions will be answered soon, you just have to come back and visit more often ;-)

For now, just have a fun, relaxing Memorial Day, but be sure to take the time for a moment of remembrance during the day for our service men and women.

Today's Thought: It's strawberry season -- try our Strawberry Gazpacho recipe! You can find it at

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