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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Crafty Bastards Seminar

So, last night, I went to the second in a series of seminars that the folks from Crafty Bastards of the City Paper are putting on to help those trying to break into the world of selling their crafts. Last night's focus was on selling crafts online. The presenter, Caitlin Phillips, was fabulous! She had a great sense of humor and really told it like it was. I really appreciated the fact that she didn't pretend to know all the answers or to have tried everything that one is "supposed" to do. Her site and craft are pretty cool too -- She makes purses out of books! How neat is that?!

Anyway, I will write more about the seminars as they happen and as I try out some of the tips (I'm still not ready to get on Facebook, but I know it's just going to have to happen!)

Today's Thought: Sleep is just so critical, I highly recommend it!

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