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Sunday, June 8, 2008


Ok, I think I'm running out of animals from whose down yarn can be made! Yaks are endangered animals from Tibet and the surrounding Himalayan region in Southeast Asia. Considering how unstable that region is and to help keep them from extinction, yaks are being sent to cold-weather regions for reproduction. Yaks produce two types of hair: a coarse outer coat, which is used for rugs and ropes, and a soft inner coat (the “down”), which has been compared to cashmere. Yak hair is extremely warm because yaks are used to subzero temperatures. It's quite laborious to produce yak yarn because the coarser hairs must be removed from the down to get usable yarn. Thankfully, there seem to be enough people around willing to put in the time!

Today's Thought: Next time you're in the mood for a home-made hamburger, try using ground buffalo meat instead -- it's much lower in cholesterol and fat than ground beef!

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