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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mmmm, Turkish Food

I have been in the cooking mood, go figure! I usually avoid the kitchen if I can, but once in a while, I'm having the urge for certain foods and end up making them myself. And, for some reason, I've been really wanting "borek" lately -- it's a cheese-filled Turkish pastry (savory not sweet), and so, off to the Turkish grocery store I went! Here in the DC area, there are a number of Middle Eastern groceries, and a Turkish one opened up not long ago in Rockville, MD (N. Nelson Street, right off of 270). It's called Lezzet, and their stock is pretty good.

I also found a great website,, on which a Turkish woman has posted a number of recipes. Next I want to try Turkish ice cream (dondurma) because it's really custard-y in texture (kind of like gelato), but the store was out of mastic gum, and I'm discovering that that is an ingredient that is not easy to find! Well, I'm sure Lezzet will restock soon, and dondurma will be mine!

Today's Thought: On the same theme, Turkey's national soccer team takes on Germany today at 2:30 EDT on ESPN as part of Euro2008!

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