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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well, at least the kitchen! I played hooky from work today (I took the leave, it's legit :-), and I'm planning to go sit out by the pool for a little while, but at least I got up and cleaned the kitchen. I'm hoping to get more done this afternoon, but we'll see...

An axolotl update: so, the body is done, but I'm having a little problem with the head. I had hoped to do the whole thing all in one piece, but I think I might have to do the head separately, then attach to the rest of the body. Back to the drawing board.

Today's Thought: George Carlin was a comedic genius, it's a real loss to the entertainment world, but thankfully, he's left behind so much great material. Of course, a lot of it is available on YouTube, but his two-CD set is so worth checking out -- George Carlin Classic Gold.

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