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Sunday, May 18, 2008

So, I'm back from NYC. Wish I could give you an update on the yarn shop scene there, but the weather was awful and I was there for only 3 days, so no chance to go yarn shopping :-(

Instead, I'll tell you about angora goats. In addition to angora from rabbits, it turns out that angora goats produce mohair that is known for its sheen, durability, and warmth. It is thought that Angora goats data back to biblical times when goats were raised in the Angora district of Asia Minor. In the 19th century, goat exportation became common and goat farms sprang up all around Europe and South Africa, so mohair became quite a valuable commodity. When goats are clipped, twice a year, their light inner hair is separated from coarse guard hairs.

Today's Thought: It is so important to use a good soap on your skin. Skin, like another other organ, is susceptible to chemicals and other toxins, which unfortunately seem to be prevalent in most commercial soaps (come on, can you pronounce half the ingredients listed on the wrapper?!) I recently attended a class on soap making given by the Soap Fairy, and believe me, the almond oatmeal soap I ended up buying is probably the best stuff I've ever tried! Take a look at all the offerings at

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