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Sunday, May 4, 2008


Dah, why is it that weeks can go by with no fun activities, etc., then all of a sudden, everything you want to do happens at the same time?! This weekend was the 34th annual Maryland fiber festival. It is the largest in the United States, held during the first weekend of May, at the Howard County Fairgrounds. I hear they have more than 30 breeds of sheep and other fleece-producing animals and over 300 venders selling hand-crafted yarns and products. Competitions in everything from “sheep to shawl” take place, as well as workshops in spinning, weaving, knitting, sheepshearing, and even sheepherding. And I've missed it yet once again :-( Well, hopefully next year!

For more information about the festival, go to

Today's Thought: FilmfestDC is about to come to a close. Each year, there are 11 days of award-winning foreign and U.S. independent films showcased in different venues across the city. Please support the independent arts!

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