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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Just a few more blocks!

So, the baby blanket crunch time is serious now, hence no blogging! The baby shower is next Saturday, and the baby blankets are proceeding, but ... Though it is amazing what you can accomplish when the pressure is on. I hope to figure out how to do pictures on this blog soon so you can see the final products! Ah, so much to doooooooooo.

Anyway, I sort of knew that "mercerized" cotton involved doing something special to the cotton, but I just learned that it was a John Mercer who invented a process in the early 20th century that uses a solution to break down the cotton fibers to make them softer and more receptive to dye. Really interesting the info that you can pick up these days.

Ok, I gotta go back to the blankets! I promise, a better post coming soon...

Today's Thought: Soaking eggplant in cold, salted water for about a half hour makes it much easier to cook and less bitter.

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