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Monday, March 17, 2008

On the Mend

Ah, can't believe I got felled by the cold/flu that's been making the rounds at work! Really knocked me for a loop.

Well, Nancy's sweater was finished in time for our annual lunch together, and she seemed really happy. Hopefully, it will be warm enough for her to wear it soon.

Now, it's on to the baby blankets that need to be finished by April 12th. I think I've got enough time, I've tried to plan out my strategy, but the best laid plans...

Anyway, I learned the most interesting thing today: There is sometimes a reference in history or literature to someone being from the “distaff side of the family” (meaning the maternal side). A distaff is a device constructed to hold unspun fiber as it’s fed onto the spindle or into the spinning wheel. The term originated during the Middle Ages. It comes from a reference in the Bible, which said that a virtuous woman is one who seeks wool and works willingly with her hands on the spindle and distaff.

Today's Thought: Just one or two cups of coffee causes your cortisol (the stress hormone) level to be elevated for 12 to 14 hours, which can have adverse consequences to your blood sugar level and immune system. Switching from coffee to tea has helped people lose weight and feel much better in just six weeks.

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