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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy Leap Year!

Ok, so I'm two days late! I can't believe how fast February has come and gone, and now we're already into the second day of March. The day job has been keeping me very busy as have a number of crochet projects. Remember? My vow to finish or abandon old projects before starting anything new? So far, so good. I finished the dog sweater but haven't yet gotten any pictures to post (my luck, it starts warming up around here in D.C. just about when the sweater is finished, but sometimes we have our craziest weather in March, so there's hope :-)

My other project has been to finish my friend Nancy's bolero jacket. The pattern is in Stitch 'n Bitch's The Happy Hooker, page 168. She started this project herself last spring, and we'd meet periodically for me to help her. Well, while reading the pattern to her and chatting between rows, I led her astray! Hence, I offered to correct and finish up the project for her. Her birthday's coming up, so I'm hoping to have it done by then (I ended up having to start over because I find it so hard to pick up something that I didn't start myself.)

After the bolero, it's on to the baby blankets! Turns out my friend who is having twins is having a boy and a girl! Very exciting (plus, for me, I know what colors to use!). The shower's in April, so you know you'll be hearing more about this project in coming posts.

Today's Thought: A nifty site I heard about on a commercial -- it's called You type in your zip code, and they show you all of the coupons available for your area. You can choose whick ones you want and then print them out!

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