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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Process v. Project

I think I'm discovering with each passing day that I am a "process" crocheter. If any of you have heard Stephanie Pearl-McPhee talk or read any of her books, you know what I mean. Even though she's a knitter, Pearl-McPhee nails so many aspects of what it's like to be a crocheter. I find that I just love the process of starting a project -- gathering just the right yarns and hook, figuring out the stitches of the pattern, and jumping right in. Trouble is, the excitement and newness wear off, yet the project isn't finished! Into a bag it goes while the next "fix" is sought, dah.

Well, I've finally made myself stop -- there's now a moratorium on new projects while the old ones get assessed and either finished or ultimately abandoned (sometimes, it's just for the best). Though with the number of babies in the horizon (I've got at least 3 friends expecting over the next 6 months, one with twins!), I know I'm not going to be able to keep this vow for long. Stay tuned for updates!

Today's Thought: Tazo Teas are just delicious and come in a large assortment of flavors and types of teas. With Starbucks so ubiquitous, it's not hard to pick up a variety pack to give a try!

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