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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Last Loop

Today's topic is how do you finish off your crochet work? Specifically, what kind of knot do you use once you've gotten to the end of your project? I've always pulled the yarn through the last loop left on the hook, then weaved the strand through a few stitches and clipped off the excess. Then, recently, I've been trying to put an extra knot at the end and to closely clipp it without weaving in because I was finding that the weaved-in bit was eventually working itself out, leaving a longer "tail" sticking out. Now, I've just read that, when you get to your last loop, you should work an extra chain stitch, cut the end and pull it completely through the loop, then pull firmly on the end to create a knot. Has anyone tried this and found it successful? I've also read that you should dab a little Superglue on the knot for extra fortification, but does that really work? What happens after the item is washed? Looking forward to hearing comments on this frustrating part of project work!

Today's Thought: Hemp Milk. I know what you're thinking, but this delicious soy milk alternative is made from the non-psychedelic hemp seed, which is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, all nine of the essential amino acids, B vitamins, fiber, iron, and Vitamin E. Check out and for the milk as well as other snacks and cereals made from hemp seeds.

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