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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hearts Aplenty

Ah, how the days are passing! Since my last posting, I've been quite busy finishing the dog sweater and figuring out whether I'm going to come up with specialty items for Valentine's Day. I do have this great heart pattern that I'm using to make a baby blanket, but I could make some sachets with it as well. I really haven't concentrated on making special holiday-oriented products, but I'm starting to think that I'm missing a boat somehow by not doing so. Well, maybe I'd better get out my pink and red yarns!

Today's Thought: The Wii. Never did I think I'd become so obsessed with a video game system, but this one is great. There are many games available for the small white console that are all about skills and eye-hand coordination, not just war games or shoot-em-ups. The "cross-bow training" game that comes with the Zapper, a device that turns the remote and numchuk into a machine gun, lets you practice shooting at bull's eye targets, pottery, scarecrows, and gorgons for points and more complicated levels of play!

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