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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Crochet for Healing

Ah, the doggie sweater is coming along very nicely, and we're still concentrating on baby hats. But, what's really got me excited today is my donation to I had received a gift certificate from Crate & Barrel during the holidays, giving me a $25 credit with the organization. I admit it, at first I had hoped it was a coupon for C&B, but once I checked out the DonorsChoose website, I realized this really was the better gift. Teachers, usually in economically-challenged areas, post their proposed projects and their monetary needs to fulfill them. You pick a project, decide how much you want to donate, sign up as a donor, and that's it. You can get acknowledgement for your donation or make it anonymously, and you can also get updates on the project(s) you've chosen.

I really hope you will give this organization a look and find something you want to support. I made my donation to "Crochet for Healing" because the teacher posting the project really seems committed to her students and is asking for so little when you think about it. Please take a look! Thanks so much.

Today's Thought: Sometimes you receive so much when you give to someone else :-)

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